Our Hospitals

We have courses scheduled at 3 hospitals within the Lutheran Hospitals network:  Karatu (Western edge of Arusha region), Selian (Central Arusha region) and Marangu (Kilimanjaro region)

Karatu is a designated District Hospital and it has an on-campus school of nursing and is situated on the fringe of the Ngorogoro crater conservation area and very close to Tarangire National  Park,.

Selian has a school of public health and on-site nursing school.  It is closely associated with the University of Minnesota Medical School and hosts their students every year.  It is situated close to Arusha and about 1.5 hour’s drive from the Tarangire National Park.

Marangu is a general hospital situated high up on Mount Kilimanjaro, it does not have any formal education facilities but does regularly host foreign medical students for electives.


Can you trust this offer?

Of course you can!   Although this is a new initiative this year, our hospitals have been running similar courses for university medical students for many years.

School students are of course a little different and inexperienced so we need to reinforce the course in a number of ways which we do:

  • First, we provide a high school teacher as Course Leader for each group who stays with the students 24/7
  • Second, the hospital provides a full-time liaison person to look after the students whenever they are on site
  • Third, we have  a strong team on the ground that deals with these hospitals every day and that will intervene immediately should there be any problem or emergency
  • Fourth, the curriculum has been modified to prepare and support these younger students upon arrival.  The modifications include providing the students with introductory lectures about medicine as well as training on essential medical issues relating to the course
    • Personal safety, especially how to safely and easily avoid the risks presented by medical waste and fluids
    • Infection control
    • Patient dignity and confidentiality
    • Ethos of care

Anyone who needs to know more should feel free to call us if you need more information.  We are in the UK so it would be helpful if you try and time it for waking hours (between 8am and 10pm GMT).

Call  or  WhatsApp +44 7941 559 596.